You know, it boggles my mind that I have been "blogging" intermittently consistently for almost 20 years. Oh to be 27 years old again writing “Signs.” It all began as a journey of discovery, this my accepting myself as being a writer, a poet, an artist, a human - being. How much we learn, how much we evolve, every time we come full circle in life


I feel both fortunate and blessed. You are welcome to take a look…



  • Chad Gurley

We’re brand new


Is it okay

That we no longer want our

Faces to be scrolled


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  • Chad Gurley

This is caterpillar time

Centimeter by millimeter

Inching on through life

One fuzzy little larva’s

Step at a time

But I’m gonna

Get there


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  • Chad Gurley

I am the person

Who creaks along

Your ceiling

Trying so very hard

Not to disturb


But I know you

Hear me anyway

Squeaking above

So I silence, hoping

It’s better for


Is it?

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