You know, it boggles my mind that I have been "blogging" intermittently consistently for almost 20 years. Oh to be 27 years old again writing “Signs.” It all began as a journey of discovery, this my accepting myself as being a writer, a poet, an artist, a human - being. How much we learn, how much we evolve, every time we come full circle in life


I feel both fortunate and blessed. You are welcome to take a look…



  • Chad Gurley

Some don’t want to do politically correct

While I’m pouring over it every single day

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  • Chad Gurley

Funny isn’t it

When we give



There are always

Some judges

back there

I call it back

Because it seems

To come from


I don’t know why

“For ‘this,’ I give you permission”

  • Chad Gurley

We need the Gamers

Snap back to this world

We need the Gamers

Playing worlds to win

We need the Gamers

Teach us how to win

We need the Gamers

We’re fucking up this world

This stupid human game

We play


Come up for


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