You know, it boggles my mind that I have been "blogging" intermittently consistently for almost 20 years. Oh to be 27 years old again writing “Signs.” It all began as a journey of discovery, this my accepting myself as being a writer, a poet, an artist, a human - being. How much we learn, how much we evolve, every time we come full circle in life


I feel both fortunate and blessed. You are welcome to take a look…



  • Chad Gurley

It’s too bad when

Everyone is defending

Their morality

While mortality

Affords less time to

End poverty

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  • Chad Gurley

Politicians should beware

Scholars who know

History who have studied

Constitutions written by

Human beings across all


There’s only so much

Primping you can do

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  • Chad Gurley

One unexpected Sunday

Humanity was plagued with

Universal colorblindness

Not green or orange or

Red or blue but what the

Color of skin we do

Souls in every human body

Good luck!

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