• Chad Gurley


What is most despairing to me is that all the money made by all media, all the money contributed to political campaigns, all the money made by technology and distribution during this pandemic, all money in profits made in the USA and other countries during this time of uncertainty and strife, all that money has not made its way to the people who need it most.

Ironically at this time, all that money “made” seems to be most intent in making more money instead. While all the while, has any of it secured prompt vaccinations, saved small businesses, fed the hungry, healed the ill, kept people from becoming homeless? Has it “trickled” down to give small business employers the means to care for their employees, offer health insurance, give schoolchildren across the nation the resources they really need (including meals)? Are nurses saving our lives in hospitals every day compensated for their efforts as much as CEOs of multibillion dollar corporations?

Economics is not my expertise, but as a layman, it does seem to me that out-of-control capitalism, Randism, every-wo/man-for-themselves-ism, keeps Pandora’s box wide open.

So I have to wonder, what are the true ideals, values, and beliefs of Republicans and Democrats who really care about American democracy?

I ask, who is our “enemy” of life, liberty, and living in 2021?

It may just be the wo/man in the mirror.

That includes the hu/man in me.

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