• Chad Gurley

Diary 07/28/2020

I'm definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed, but what I can't understand is why taxpayers have to pay for this economic crisis and go further in debt (trillions of dollars that I guess we're just waiting to die to avoid, sorry descendants) when the USA is the "richest" country in the world.

I'll admit to being ignorant of all the intricacies of the global economy, so maybe I don't get it. But it just doesn't make sense to me.

So if you know, comment below and explain to me why multi-billion dollar corporations, further billionaires, proactively providing funds to all, their own workers, during this time of strife, fighting, and ultimately, desperation, would NOT help solve this crisis? Is it because of profit margins or does it really lead to bankruptcy? (I honestly don't know. They get bailed out a lot, so I guess there must be some truth to it?)

To top it off, all of our "money" is becoming completely digital. Was my day's work worth the new number I see on a screen showing my bank account? For most of us, barter and trading doesn't even truly exist. We're in 2020 now.

At the end of today, I have to ask myself as a human, what is the "human system"'s ultimate goal? Power? Property? Capital? Legacy? (It is skewing that way.)

So far, I cannot for the life of me see where it squares with the Gospel.

I cannot be of this world.

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